Last reviewed on 22 March 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use and adapt our model CCTV policy to suit your school's context. See examples of CCTV policies from primary, secondary and special schools, to help develop your own.

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Our model:

  • Is approved by Forbes Solicitors
  • Is designed for you to adapt to suit your school’s context
  • Takes account of relevant requirements and good practice

No requirement to have this policy

There's no legislation that says you need a CCTV policy, although you may choose to have one to set out how you'll use any CCTV cameras in school.

Under the UK GDPR, you will need to include details of any CCTV usage in your privacy notices where relevant, but these are the only documents it must be mentioned in.

Examples from primary schools

Maintained school in Barking and Dagenham

Hunters Hall Primary School has a CCTV policy with sections on:

  • Location of cameras
  • Storage and retention of CCTV images
  • Access to CCTV images
  • Responsibilities of the headteacher
  • CCTV signage

Academy on the Isle of Wight

A statement of intent Monitoring procedures Access