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  • Excluding a pupil: procedures Be clear on when you can lawfully exclude a pupil and what you must consider before making a decision.
  • Excluding a pupil with SEND: requirements and guidance Understand the steps you need to take before excluding a pupil with SEND, especially if they have an EHC plan, and learn about how your statutory duties may affect your decision.
  • Exclusion hearings: procedures Certain exclusions require a panel to consider the headteacher's decision, known as an exclusion hearing. Get an overview of the requirements and what role you play in the hearing.
  • Exclusions: notifying parents, governors and the LA Following an exclusion, understand what you need to tell whom, and in what order. Download our template letters to get the necessary information to parents ASAP and find out who's responsible for arranging education for pupils who have been excluded.
  • Independent review panel hearings: procedures Parents have the right to request a review of your governing board's decision not to reinstate a pupil after exclusion. This review is done by an independent review panel (IRP), convened by the LA or academy trust. Get an overview of how the hearing will run and what the outcomes might be.