Phonics screening check: information for parents

Use our phonics screening check factsheet to explain the process to parents, including when they'll receive results and how they can help their child prepare at home. See examples of how schools display this information online.

Last reviewed on 3 November 2023
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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  1. Download our parent factsheet
  2. Examples from schools

Check your statutory requirements for the phonics screening check in our other article – you'll also find FAQs there to help you answer any further questions parents might have.

Download our parent factsheet

Use it to explain to parents:

  • What the phonics screening check is
  • Which pupils take it, and when
  • When they'll get the results
  • What support they can give their child

Adapt the KeyDoc so it's accurate for your school. We've highlighted any sections you need to change in yellow.

The key information and dates in our factsheet are based on the 2024 assessment and reporting arrangements, published by the Standards and Testing Agency.

Examples from schools

Some schools have a phonics screening check page on their website that they can direct parents to.

A Q&A about the check Links to phonics websites A downloadable