Leaving staff members: letter to parents

Download our template letter to inform parents about staffing changes in your school and get advice on managing the transition for pupils with SEND.

Last reviewed on 5 December 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Let parents know as soon as possible
  2. Contact the parents of pupils who will need extra support
  3. Make a transition plan for pupils with SEND

Let parents know as soon as possible

Write a letter explaining that a member of staff is leaving and outline your plans for replacing them. This might involve a new member of staff joining, or a restructuring of your staff team. Let all the parents of children who will be affected know about the changes, such as all the pupils in a teacher’s class. If a restructure is involved, make sure you inform the parents of all children affected by the restructure.

The letter should always focus on the positive. Although you're sad to see the member of staff leave, emphasise their contribution to the school and give some context as to why they're moving on. If a new member of staff is replacing them, explain what experience they have and what they'll bring to the role.

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