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  • Fundamental British values: information for parents Is there a leaflet for parents on promoting British values? This article features a downloadable Parent Pamphlet on this topic. Schools can use it to inform parents about fundamental British values. We link to examples of adapted pamphlets and information about the Prevent strategy.
  • Head lice: communication with parents How should we deal with an outbreak of head lice? We link to guidance on how to respond to an outbreak of head lice, including advice on contacting parents. We also highlight examples of school procedures for contacting parents.
  • KS1 and KS2 SATs results: information for parents Download our Parent Pamphlet which explains how the results of KS1 and KS2 SATs are reported, and covers scaled scores. You'll also find examples of guidance for parents from the government and schools.
  • Parent pack template Get your parents up to speed early this term with our template parent pack. Let them know about essential school information and where to go when they have questions so you can save time throughout the year.
  • Pupil social media use: advice for parents Is there guidance for parents on social media? We link to advice for parents on how to ensure their child is using social media safely and appropriately. You will also find resources such as a leaflet, a slideshow presentation, a glossary of ‘teen speak’ and letters to adapt and send to parents.
  • The Prevent strategy: information for parents Download and share our pamphlet on Prevent to share with parents, and see examples from schools of how they've kept parents in the loop about what the strategy means to them.