How to review your school uniform policy

Follow these steps to make sure your uniform policy is inclusive and in line with the DfE's statutory guidance on uniform costs. Use our cost calculator, policy audit and consultation guidance to help make an effective policy which provides value for money.

Last reviewed on 8 December 2023
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  1. Develop a policy using our model
  2. Establish your role in updating your policy 
  3. Work out what may need to change
  4. Consult pupils, parents and carers on proposed changes
  5. How to consult with pupils
  6. Submit your draft policy to governors or trustees for review
  7. Communicate changes to your policy to parents 

Develop a policy using our model

If you're starting from scratch, consider downloading our model policy. Adapt it to fit your setting, and get inspiration from other schools.

If you're looking to review your existing policy, read on for advice. 

Establish your role in updating your policy 

If you're in a trust  How involved you are in the process will depend on how your trust is run, so speak to your trust leaders to find out where they need your input.  Your trust may take ownership over: Tendering the contract with the uniform