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  • Parents recording conversations with staff Data protection legislation does not apply to parents recording meetings for their own personal use. Find out how you can deal with parents who want to record conversations.
  • Persistent or aggressive complaints from parents How can we deal with persistent and aggressive complaints from parents? We relay advice on resolving complaints informally, as well as how to handle persistent complaints and deal with parents who act aggressively. You will find guidance on when to decide to stop responding to a complainant.
  • Responding to criticism expressed by parents How can I respond to a parent who criticises the school to other parents and pupils, but does not complain directly to staff? This article includes advice from two of our associate experts and a headteacher about how to respond to criticisms or complaints expressed by parents.
  • Separated parents: rights and responsibilities Working with separated parents can be tricky. Make it easier by reading our guidance on what parents' rights are, and what your school has a responsibility to do.
  • Social media: how to deal with negative comments or behaviour by parents Use our internet acceptable use agreement to help prevent inappropriate social media use by parents and to make your school's expectations clear. Get tips on how to deal with incidents and problems online, and download our template letters to parents.
  • Swimming: responding to parents' concerns What can we do if parents refuse to permit to their child to swim? We look at how schools can respond to various concerns parents might have about their child attending swimming lessons. We also link to information on the statutory requirements for swimming in Key Stage (KS) 1 and KS2.