Last reviewed on 5 November 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 6226

Use our internet acceptable use agreement to help prevent inappropriate social media use by parents and to make your school's expectations clear. Get tips on how to deal with incidents and problems online, and download our template letters to parents.

Follow the steps below to set expectations for parents’ social media use, and make it clear how your school will respond to any incidents if they happen.

If an incident has already happened, see the second half of this article, starting with ‘Letters to parents: templates and examples'.

Download our internet acceptable use agreement for parents

Our model agreement sets clear guidelines and expectations on how parents should use social media, or other communications forums, when they communicate with or about your school.

It covers parents' use of:

  • The school Facebook page
  • Personal social media accounts
  • Private groups or channels (such as class Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups)

You can't require parents to sign an acceptable use agreement, but using one can help you explain