Recording conversations with staff

Data protection legislation doesn't apply to parents and pupils recording meetings or conversations for their own personal use. Find out how you can respond to any recordings made of your staff.

Last reviewed on 13 June 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 10823
  1. If recordings are for personal use
  2. If recordings are shared with others
  3. Communicate your school's expectations 

If recordings are for personal use

Individuals are free to make recordings of meetings for their personal, domestic use. The UK General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and the ‘lawful bases’ for collecting data don't apply to this activity.

Domestic use includes recordings made for the purpose of convenience, or for individuals to make sure they're clear about what was said later. This exemption applies even if the recording features information about third parties, such as other pupils.

Forbes solicitors advised that there is little legal action you can take if you find that a parent or pupil has recorded a conversation for their personal use. However, you should discuss why they felt the need to record the conversation and find out what it will be used for. These discussions should try to resolve any issues to avoid the incident occurring again, and be used as an