Last reviewed on 27 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 10049

Find out what the rights and expectations are around providing school breakfast clubs. Get guidance on providing food, charging for provision, and sources of funding.

You decide whether to run a breakfast club, but parents have the right to request one

Parents have the right to request wraparound and holiday childcare.

You aren’t obliged to grant requests for wraparound childcare, but you:

  • Must act reasonably when dealing with requests
  • Should be transparent about the process you choose to follow when granting or rejecting them

Take the wishes of parents into account when considering offering extended services. You could try running a breakfast club on a trial basis to see how popular, and how feasible it is to run the club long-term.

Childcare providers also have the right to request to use school facilities to provide wraparound and holiday childcare when they are not in use by the school. 

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