Charging for before and after-school clubs

Understand the rules on charging for before and after-school clubs, so you can be sure your approach is in line with the law and DfE guidance.

Last reviewed on 17 May 2023
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  1. You can charge for before and after-school clubs
  2. You can profit from providing ‘community facilities’
  3. You're allowed to charge staff for places for their children
  4. You can charge to retain a place in a club

This article, unless specified otherwise, refers to the DfE's guidance on charging for school activities (pages 5 to 7 and 15).

You can charge for before and after-school clubs

You can charge for optional activities that take place outside of school hours, including before and after-school clubs and supervised homework sessions.

These are called 'optional extras', and you can charge a fee to cover the related costs of:

  • Materials such as books, instruments or sports equipment
  • Staffing and supervision of activities
    • Non-teaching staff involved in the activity
    • Teaching staff on a contract to provide the activity, such as supply teachers
    • Teaching staff employed to give tuition in playing a musical instrument, or vocal tuition
  • Transport
  • Provision of buildings and accommodation

You can't make a profit, subsidise costs or enforce participation 

The charge for the activity, per pupil, must not exceed the actual cost per pupil of running the activity. So, you can't make a profit from before and after-school clubs.