Last reviewed on 8 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out the rules on charging for before and after-school clubs, so you can be sure your approach is in line with the law and DfE guidance.

This article, unless specified otherwise, refers to the DfE's guidance on charging for school activities (pages 5 and 6).

You can charge for before and after-school clubs

You can charge for optional activities that take place outside of school hours, including before and after-school clubs and supervised homework sessions.

These are called 'optional extras', and you can charge a fee to cover the related costs of:

  • Materials like books, instruments or sports equipment
  • Staffing and supervision of activities
    • Non-teaching staff involved in the activity
    • Teaching staff on a contract to provide the activity, like supply teachers
    • Teaching staff employed to give tuition in playing a musical instrument, or vocal tuition
  • Transport
  • Provision of buildings and accommodation

You can't make a profit, subsidise costs or enforce participation 

You also can't inflate the