• Child protection concern forms
    Take a look at example safeguarding forms for recording child protection concerns and disclosures, from a local authority and schools. Plus, find a template spreadsheet you can download and use to track concerns and referrals in your school.
  • Conducting 'safe and well' checks
    Find out about conducting home visits to check on pupils’ welfare. Understand when and how to conduct ‘reasonable enquiries’ into a child’s whereabouts before removing them from the school roll.
  • EYFS safeguarding and welfare checklist
    Use our checklist to help you make sure you're fulfilling the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework 2023.
  • Child-on-child sexual abuse: how to respond
    Learn how to manage reports of child-on-child sexual violence and harassment in your school. Use our risk assessment to help you with your next steps, and display our poster so all staff know what to do if a child makes a disclosure.
  • How to organise pupil collection arrangements
    There are no laws on who can and can't collect pupils from school, or the age at which children can walk home alone. It’s up to you to decide how you want this to work in your school. Use our article to help you.
  • School lettings: safeguarding
    Find out who's responsible for making sure safeguarding arrangements are in place when letting school premises to third parties, including PTAs. Be clear on where you stand with DBS checks, the Prevent duty, setting safeguarding expectations and handling any allegations.