Specific safeguarding issues

  • Child-on-child sexual abuse: how to respond
    Learn how to manage reports of child-on-child sexual violence and harassment in your school. Use our risk assessment to help you with your next steps, and display our poster so all staff know what to do if a child makes a disclosure.
  • How to make a referral to Prevent
    Find out who can make a Prevent referral, when and how they should do it, and what the process looks like.
  • How to organise pupil collection arrangements
    Use this article to find out who can pick a child up from school, and what you need to do to make sure they're safe. Read about how to make sure parents and carers understand your approach to collection, late collection, and pupils walking home alone.
  • How to respond effectively to the sharing of nudes and semi-nudes: guidance changes
    Read our summary of the changes to the non-statutory guidance on responding to the sharing of nude and semi-nude imagery. Find advice to support pupils, staff and parents/carers when incidents occur.
  • School lettings: safeguarding
    Find out who's responsible for making sure safeguarding arrangements are in place when letting school premises to third parties, including PTAs. Be clear on where you stand with DBS checks, the Prevent duty, setting safeguarding expectations and handling any allegations.
  • Tackling sexism and sexual harassment: staff self-assessment
    It's vital your staff can recognise and respond quickly and effectively to incidents of sexism and sexual harassment between pupils. Use our self-assessment tool as a starting point to gauge staff confidence, training needs and next steps in this area.
  • Talking to pupils about sexism, sexual harassment and assault
    It can be tricky to talk to pupils about sensitive topics. Use our guidance to set up discussion groups and get honest reflections from your pupils – it’s one step towards tackling sexism and sexual harassment in your school.
  • The Prevent duty
    Save time by reading our summary of your responsibilities under the Prevent duty in just 1 page. Download a copy to share with colleagues.
  • The Prevent duty: your responsibilities
    All schools must comply with the Prevent duty. Understand your responsibilities and why staff training should be tailored to your school's context. Plus, learn how Ofsted inspects the Prevent duty.