Last reviewed on 7 July 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Share our questions with your teachers so they know what inspectors might ask them about the curriculum. Plus, get your teachers Ofsted-ready in other judgement areas.

From September: questions related to COVID-19

Inspectors are aware that coronavirus has caused disruption to learning and will seek to understand how your school adapted and prioritised the curriculum from September 2020.

Most questions around the impact of the pandemic will be aimed at middle and senior leaders, but inspectors may direct some of the questions to your teachers. 

For example, the School Inspection Handbook states that inspectors:

  • Will look at how subject leaders and teachers have identified pupils’ learning gaps and new starting points
  • May discuss remote education with teachers, parents and carers, and pupils

The questions in this article have been reviewed by our education expert and include questions based on the updated School Inspection Handbook for September 2021.

Questions about your curriculum

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