Last reviewed on 12 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 5569

Ofsted doesn't have set criteria for evaluating health and safety, but it'll report on any failure to comply with statutory requirements. Be clear on your obligations, and good practice, so you feel ready if Ofsted asks.

Evidence your key responsibilities

You must:

  • Appoint a health and safety lead
  • Have a compliant health and safety policy - adapt our model health and safety policy to save you time
  • Train your staff. They should know and understand their responsibilities. Keep a log of all health and safety training 
  • Keep clear and concise records of all injuries and accidents. Following an incident, review your process and procedures. If you need to make any changes, make sure you do so 

This is explained in the DfE's health and safety guidance.

Show that you identify and mitigate hazards

Know your premises well. Inspectors will ask questions about any hazards they see on the school site.

For example:

Use our checklists to help you maintain your