Last reviewed on 18 April 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out how to involve your governors when writing and monitoring your school improvement plan. You can also see examples of school improvement plans from a range of schools.

Governors are responsible for the strategic leadership of your school

Your governing board's core function is about strategic leadership.

When setting the direction for the school, the board should ensure the school has a clear vision and a strategy for achieving it.

This is set out section 2 of the Governance handbook.

This means governors should be involved in developing and monitoring your school improvement plan (SIP).

How to involve your governors

It is good practice for governors to work with the senior leadership team to develop the SIP, this can be through a delegated committee or assigning governors with the responsibility of school improvement.

Focus on high-level objectives

How your school will achieve the objectives (including practical measures and time-frames) is for professionals to determine, though governors should carefully monitor the plan to make