Pupil premium: accessing the list of eligible pupils

Learn how to access the DfE's list of pupils eligible for the pupil premium, using the Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) service.

Last reviewed on 21 July 2022
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  1. Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) is replacing Key to Success (KtS)
  2. Pupil premium data on GIAP
  3. How to access GIAP

This article is based on advice we've received from the DfE and guidance on the GIAP website

Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) is replacing Key to Success (KtS)


  • Is still being developed and currently in the private beta phase
  • Is accessible to all school users who have the GIAP application on their DfE Sign-in account
  • Doesn't have all data available yet - though the data available will increase at each stage of the development


  • Is still currently available, and will remain so while historic data is transferred and key features are made available in GIAP 
  • Is there to check for any data that's not yet available on GIAP

Pupil premium data on GIAP

Pupil Premium data for 2021-22 was added as part of the version 2.0 update, and is available for download on the Pupil Premium page.

You'll also find 3 years of historical data on the pupil premium for:

These datasets are available