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  • Calculating progress 8 scores Read our guidance to understand the methodology behind your school's progress 8 score. We look at prior attainment - for pupils with and without KS2 data - and explain how confidence intervals work. We also link to information on progress tracking without having to predict progress 8 scores.
  • KS4 performance tables: who is included? How are pupils included in the Key Stage (KS) 4 performance tables? This article explains that pupils on roll at the time of the January census are counted in a school’s data in the performance tables. It also addresses how a school can apply to remove pupils from its data.
  • Post-16 performance measures: an overview Learn about the 5 headline measures in the 16-18 performance tables, and how students are included within them. You'll also find out about the use of disadvantage measures, and the additional attainment and retention measures which are in place.
  • Progress 8: does it apply to PRUs? Will the progress 8 measure apply to AP academies and PRUs? Pupil referral units (PRUs) and alternative provision (AP) academies are not subject to progress 8 floor standards. We relay advice from one of our associate education experts on how PRUs can demonstrate that pupils are making good progress.
  • Progress 8 in special schools Does progress 8 apply to special schools? This article cites guidance from the Department for Education on how progress 8 applies to special schools. It points to further articles on calculating progress 8 scores, and on how special schools can benchmark their data.
  • Progress 8: which qualifications count? Progress 8 divides different subjects into elements. We explain what these elements are and which qualifications are eligible for inclusion. We also explain how discounting will affect multiple qualifications taken in the same subject.
  • Pupils in the KS4 performance tables: FAQs Which pupils are included in the Key Stage (KS) 4 performance tables? We answer some frequently asked questions about which groups of pupils are included in the KS4 performance tables. We look at pupils who leave and join the school, dual-registered pupils and part-time pupils.