Last reviewed on 5 November 2021
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Skills audits can help you identify the CPD staff need to deliver a high-quality computing or ICT curriculum. See examples of audits from computing organisations and a local authority.

Computing skills audits

Primary and secondary audits

Computing at School developed skills audits to help primary and secondary teachers and staff implement the national computing curriculum. They're part of a wider set of CPD resources.

Download the audits here.

Primary audits

Somerset County Council has a computing skills and confidence audit for primary teachers. You'll find it under the heading 'Supporting staff' at the bottom of this page

ICT Inspires offers curriculum ICT support for primary schools. It has audits for the computing curriculum, to help schools identify areas of CPD need.

Staff must register individually to complete their free personal audit, using a valid email address and your school's DfE number.

The mention of this resource does not constitute an endorsement from The Key.