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  • Middle and senior leaders' skills: analysis tools Are there any skills analysis tools for middle and senior leaders? We worked with one of our associate experts to create a skills audit template based on the Teachers' Standards. We also link to examples of self-evaluations and to further resources for auditing skills.
  • Skills audit for an SEN teaching assistant Is there a skills audit for a TA supporting with pupils with SEN? We worked with one of our associate education experts to create a skills audit for teaching assistants (TAs) working with pupils with special educational needs (SEN). We also link to a general skills audit template for support staff.
  • Skills audits for science teaching (primary) Are there any skills audits for primary school science teachers? One of our associate education experts suggests questions that a primary science teaching audit could include. We also link to a science knowledge audit for trainee teachers produced by a university.
  • Special educational needs (SEN) practitioner: skills audit Are there examples of skills audit for SEN practitioners? We look at self-evaluation checklists for special educational needs (SEN) practitioners produced by the Inclusion Development Programme, and link to inclusive lesson and SENCO skills audits.
  • Support staff: skills audit Are there resources for a skills audit for support staff? This article includes two KeyDoc skills audits for support staff, which are based on advice from our associate experts. We also relay advice on monitoring staff productivity, and link to skills audit resources from local authorities.
  • Teachers' skills audit Download our skills audit template, which will allow your teachers to assess themselves against the Teachers' Standards. We also set out what evidence to use when filling out the audit, and provide examples of other skills audits you may want to adapt.
  • Teaching assistant: skills audit Support your teaching assistants to identify their development needs with our skills audit.