Teachers' skills audit

Use our audit to assess your teachers' professional development needs against the Teachers' Standards, so you can plan for the next appraisal period. The audit is up-to-date with the latest Ofsted inspection framework and current thinking around teaching and learning best practice.

Last reviewed on 12 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 4106
  1. Download our audit tool
  2. What evidence to use
  3. What to do next

Download our audit tool

Audit your teachers' skills against the Teachers' Standards and the latest thinking on the skills needed for effective teaching and learning.

Use this assessment to identify areas for development that can form the individual's objectives for the next appraisal period. 

You can complete the audit with the individual in the appraisal meeting, or ask them to it beforehand and then go through their responses in the meeting. 

We worked with David New and Nina Siddall-Ward, our associate education experts, to produce this template.

If you have individuals that are 'exceeding' in all aspects, move onto our middle leaders' skills audit – it will stretch these individuals to go beyond the minimum requirements. 

What evidence to use

Feedback from lesson observations Pupil outcomes. For example, a teacher who says they are skilled at pupil interventions could demonstrate this with