Staff CPD: paying and recovering costs

Download our template CPD agreement, approved by Forbes Solicitors, to use when covering the cost of staff training and qualifications. Also understand how to manage repayments and reimbursements of CPD costs.

Last reviewed on 9 June 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download our template CPD training agreement
  2. Repayment of costs
  3. Reclaiming costs
  4. Repayment scales
  5. Plan for CPD costs

Download our template CPD training agreement

Agreements should be written and formal

They should cover the dates and scope of your agreement to pay for training costs. They should also include details of any reimbursements, such as:

  • The timeframe for any agreed repayments
  • The circumstances in which you can reclaim the training costs from the staff member

Download our template training agreement to help you formalise arrangements. We created it in consultation with Forbes Solicitors.

Adapt the template to your needs

Include the details and requirements of the specific training, and your school's context.

You should also make sure your agreement is consistent with