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  • Pay award for teachers in 2020 UpdatedMake sure you know what the planned teacher pay rises for 2020/21 are, as well as how you'll have to apply them. Find the pay ranges in the current STPCD all in one place.
  • Pay progression on the main pay range What are the criteria for teachers progressing along the MPR? We set out DfE guidelines for schools on judging performance on the main pay range (MPR). We also outline advice from one of our associate education experts and examples of criteria for progression along the MPR.
  • Pay progression on the upper pay range Use our guidance to learn about how progression happens once on the UPR. We also answer some FAQs about progression.
  • Performance-related pay: judging good and outstanding performance What criteria could schools use to determine outstanding teacher performance? We relay suggestions from one of our associate education experts. We also refer to DfE advice on the criteria used in pay progression, and link to examples of performance criteria from a school.
  • Recruitment and retention awards Can you supply benefits to recruit and retain staff? We look at regulations under the STPCD and the Green Book for recruitment and retention awards, and set out union advice on paying retention allowances to teachers. We also look at references to these payments in pay policies.