Capability action plan: template and guidance

Be confident going into your meeting with an underperforming teacher. Read our walk-through of how the meeting will run and download our template capability action plan, so you can feel prepared for this difficult conversation.

Last reviewed on 7 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 2097
  1. Give feedback and listen to the teacher's comments
  2. Set targets for improvement 
  3. Agree on the support required to meet those targets 
  4. Be clear on how you'll monitor progress
  5. Download our template action plan

Give feedback and listen to the teacher's comments

If you have concerns about a teacher's performance, you should begin informal capability procedures.

When you meet with them, begin by giving feedback about the nature and seriousness of the concerns. Then, give the teacher the opportunity to comment and discuss the concerns. 

Be sure to keep detailed notes of what you discuss in this meeting (and in any follow-up meetings). Use our template action plan (in the final section of this article) to help you keep a record. 

Read our advice on approaching difficult conversations if you need support approaching this conversation. 

Set targets for improvement 

But, before you get to discussing targets, make sure the teacher accepts the need for improvement. If they're in agreement, they're more likely to engage with the