Preparing for senior leadership: what to expect in an interview

Know how to impress at every stage of your senior leadership interview with top tips from our recruitment experts. Plan answers to our sample interview questions, and find out how to tweak your preparations if you'll be attending the interview remotely.

Last reviewed on 11 January 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Do your research 
  2. Remote interviews
  3. Reflect on how your experience fits the role  
  4. Preparation for internal interviews
  5. Download our sample interview questions to help you prepare
  6. Know how to impress at every stage of the process 
  7. Use feedback constructively

Do your research 

You’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve found out more about the school between submitting your application and attending your interview. 

They’ll likely ask you about the school’s priorities  

Scrutinise their:

  • School improvement plan (SIP)
  • Latest Ofsted report (if it's from the last few years)  
  • Any other development plans or priorities you can find on the school website 

Prepare to comment broadly and critically on these. Think about: 

  • Which areas relate directly to the role you're applying for 
  • If there's anything missing and if so, how you can demonstrate that you can help them fill the gap 

However, be sensitive when approaching topics such as poor results - you want to show that you can be part of the solution. 

Understand and demonstrate the school’s ethos 

If their school values statement includes diversity,