Deputy headteacher: interview questions

Use these questions and tips on what to look for in candidates' answers to help you select the best person for a deputy headteacher role in your school.

Last reviewed on 1 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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  1. Choose from our list of interview questions 
  2. Questions you’re not allowed to ask
  3. Interview tasks

Our associate education experts Bernard Abrams, Tony Cook, Trevor Bailey and Jenny Moss helped us to put this article together. 

Choose from our list of interview questions 

Here's a list of possible interview questions for a deputy headteacher. Use it during each interview to record the responses given and score evidence (you'll need one copy for each interview). 

In the download, you'll find:

  • General questions for any school type
  • Tailored questions for primary, secondary, special and faith schools 
  • Tips for what to look for in candidates' answers

Before you start:

  • Be sure to personalise our example questions to the role you're recruiting for, your school and any issues your school is facing 
  • Don’t treat our ‘what to look for’ column as a checklist – candidates' answers will vary based on their experiences
  • There are many questions in our list, so you won't need to ask all of them