Staffing ratios: special schools

Read the requirements around staffing ratios in special schools. Check out class sizes in area guidelines to give you an idea of how many staff you need per pupil in your school.

Last reviewed on 17 April 2023
School types: Special · School phases: All
Ref: 1489
  1. Ratios should be based on pupil need
  2. Use these guidelines to give you a general idea of ratios

Ratios should be based on pupil need

There’s no statutory guidance on staffing ratios in special schools, because the ratio should be driven entirely by individual pupils’ needs.

Look at each pupil’s education, health and care (EHC) plan and make sure you’ve got the staffing levels necessary to meet the needs of each pupil.

Lorraine Petersen, one of our education consultants, gave us this advice.

Make sure you’re fulfilling your responsibilities under the SEND Code of Practice 2014 – read our summary here.

The DfE told us this.

Staffing ratios for EYFS settings

Again, you’ll need to assess the individual needs of each pupil and