Headteacher’s report to the governing board: guidance and template

Download our template to help you report to your board – it includes the topics you'll likely cover. Find out how to make sure you give your governors what they need to do their job well.

Last reviewed on 7 November 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Agree on the scope, format and frequency with your board
  2. Give governors the right amount of information
  3. Download and adapt our template 
  4. Make your report available to anyone who asks

Agree on the scope, format and frequency with your board

As an executive leader, you need to provide your governing board with the information it needs to do its job well. 

Work with your board to: 

  • Check what your governors would like you to include in the report – agree on the scope and format (this is explained on page 28 of the Governance Handbook)
  • Agree on the frequency of your reports – make sure you and governors take work-life balance in account, and avoid busy periods such as exams. Most headteachers report to governors 3 times a year

If you're new to the role/school, decide this before you start producing reports – this avoids governors asking for changes. 

Ask your board to feedback on how the report is helping them to do their job.