Last reviewed on 4 May 2022
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Help staff members keep their social media profiles secure and be clear on what to do if they're contacted by a pupil or parent online. Find practical tips for protecting staff privacy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Download our cheat sheet

It will help keep your staff secure online, with practical steps for maintaining privacy on social media sites.

Create a social media policy

A social media policy isn't a statutory requirement, but it's a good idea to have one so:

  • Everyone inside and outside the school knows the expectations and limitations of using social media in both a professional and personal capacity
  • You have something to refer parents or pupils to if they try to contact you or your staff members through social media
  • Sanctions are appropriate and consistent

Find out what other schools have included in their social media policies in another of our articles.

Template letter to parents about contacting staff on social media

Alternatively, send it to all parents at the