Pupil premium

  • Early years pupil premium (EYPP)
    If you have early years provision, some of your 3 and 4-year-old pupils may be eligible for the EYPP. See who's eligible and how much funding you can receive.
  • Pupil premium
    Read our one-minute summary of the pupil premium and download it to share with your colleagues.
  • Pupil premium grant: looked-after children
    Learn which pupils are eligible for looked-after children (LAC) pupil premium funding, known as 'pupil premium plus', how this funding is allocated and how the spending is managed by a virtual school head (VSH).
  • Pupil premium grant: previously looked-after children
    Previously looked-after (post-LAC) children are entitled to £2,530 a year in pupil premium funding, known as 'pupil premium plus'. Find out who's eligible, how to prove eligibility and how this funding can be spent.
  • Pupil premium: monitoring checklist
    Feel confident as pupil premium lead with our list of everything you need to do, including what data you should monitor, how you should report back to your governing board and how to track pupil progress.
  • Spending the pupil premium
    Be clear on how you must allocate pupil premium funds and how to use the DfE's 'menu of approaches'. Read our FAQs on what you can and can't spend the pupil premium on.