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  • EpiPens: risk assessments Are there risk assessments for EpiPens? This article looks at an anaphylaxis risk assessment and risk assessments for administering medication, which consider the hazards EpiPens pose and the control measures needed. You will also find guidance on EpiPens from an LA and one of our experts.
  • First aid in schools: risk assessments Read a summary of the guidance on what you should consider when assessing first aid needs, and see how different schools are carrying out their risk assessments in practice.
  • Prevent risk assessment Schools have to assess the risks of pupils being drawn into terrorism, but this doesn't have to be a written document. If you'd prefer to have a written assessment, use our template and advice to save you time.
  • Pupils in wheelchairs: template risk assessment Use and adapt our risk assessment template to address potential hazards for pupils in wheelchairs. It includes possible hazards and control measures.