Get easy access to the resources you need to run this year's KS1 and 2 assessments with confidence. 

Carrying out the tests

Find guidance on administering the tests in May 2022, along with advice on marking and scoring the tests and links to practice materials. 

Register pupils for KS2 SATs by Friday 11 March.  

Access arrangements

Learn how to identify the pupils that may need additional support, and prepare to support all pupils through the assessments with guidance on the types of access arrangements available.

For KS2 SATs, apply by:

  • 11 March for early opening 
  • 25 April for compensatory marks for spelling and extra time

Which pupils should and shouldn't enter

Find out about whether parents can withdraw their children, as well as which pupils you shouldn't enter for the tests. 

Teacher assessments

Find out how the process works for KS1 and KS2 to help you prepare to comply with your requirements for 2021/22, and make robust judgments about pupils' progress.

Multiplication and phonics checks

Find out more about the year 4 multiplication tables check and the phonics screening check.