English (primary)

  • 8 ways schools promote reading for pleasure
    Get everyone on the same page when it comes to a love of reading, and be inspired to create a school-wide book buzz with these strategies, resources and initiatives from schools and organisations.
  • Alternative approaches to teaching reading
    Learn what approaches you can use alongside phonics, and who might need that extra support. Get ideas from a special school that offers a range of methods to help its pupils access the curriculum.
  • Guided reading: planning template and guidance
    Download and customise our planning template to help you organise your guided reading provision effectively. Learn how to structure groups and assess pupils, and see examples of activities to improve comprehension.
  • Spelling: approaches and schemes (primary)
    See how schools motivate pupils and engage parents in spelling, including how 1 school creates a buzz with a termly spelling bee. Plus, find examples of spelling schemes for the National Curriculum.
  • Teaching phonics Updated
    Find out how to choose a validated phonics programme, and see examples of how schools use them and set out their phonics objectives and policies.
  • Work scrutiny: writing (primary)
    Find out what you need to consider when conducting a work scrutiny for writing. Use our template and questions to help you carry one out.