Last reviewed on 14 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Woodland Academy Trust's curriculum focuses on helping pupils understand their local area. The highly aligned curriculum enables teachers to share best practice and cut workload – and gets top marks from parents and children too.

We spoke to Julie Carson, director of education at Woodland Academy Trust, about the curriculum in their 4 primary schools. 

In a nutshell

How it happened: the trust's curriculum was developed at one of its schools, and following its success, was rolled out in the other 3 schools. 

A common philosophy of celebrating the local area: Pupils learn to understand and develop an interest in where they live, and this is channelled through the topics they learn (see below) Each topic starts with a focus on local impact before moving on to the wider region, UK and world A topic-based approach:  Geography, history, art and design, design and technology, and music are all taught through discrete 'topics' Science is also taught through the topic up to year 5, but separately in year 6 to help pupils prepare for secondary school Not all topics are done in all schools, as there's flexibility to cover topics that are most