Action plan to raise progress: template and guidance

Identify the groups of pupils you need to raise progress for, then download our action plan template and follow expert advice to create your own. It includes an example focused on boys' writing, but can be adapted for any group of underachieving pupils.

Last reviewed on 22 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 11087
  1. Download our template
  2. Tips for creating your action plan

Download our template

You'll find an example to help prompt you, and a blank table to fill in with your own progress priorities.

Tips for creating your action plan

Focus on progress, rather than attainment, during COVID-19

Attainment is subjective and it's difficult to compare it when the national picture isn't available. 

Instead, look at where your underachieving groups are at the moment and focus on helping them improve rapidly.

Decide how you'll involve your governors in the plan

Your governors can either have:

  • Space for their monitoring activities in your plan, as shown in our template, or
  • A separate action plan that's aligned with yours

It's up to you and your governors to decide what's best practically.

Otherwise, you'll want to think about version control. You could, for example, pass the plan to