Last reviewed on 20 December 2022
Statutory/mandatory for: Independent schools

Download and adapt our model curriculum policy. Plus, see examples from primary, secondary and special schools, and know where to go for more information on your requirements if you're an independent school.

Download our model policy

Our model:

  • Takes account of relevant requirements, guidance and good practice
  • Is aimed at maintained schools and academies
  • Can be adapted to suit other settings (if you wish to use it in a different setting such as an independent school, we recommend you check it against any requirements or considerations specific to your context and adapt it accordingly- see below)
  • Is approved by Forbes Solicitors

Please note: unless you're an independent school (in which case, see the final section below), you're not required to have a curriculum policy and Ofsted doesn't expect you to have one.

Read about how Ofsted inspects your curriculum and see this article to stay up to date with all things Ofsted.

School examples

Primary maintained schools

Primary academies

Secondary maintained schools

Secondary academies

Special schools

Independent schools are required to have a written curriculum policy.

It must meet the requirements set out in Part 1 of the schedule to The Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014. 

You can find detailed guidance on each line of the regulations, and what they mean for your curriculum policy, in Part 1 of this DfE guidance on the independent school standards.

Examples from independent schools