Flexi-schooling: guidance

Get to grips with flexi-school arrangements. Find out what to consider before agreeing to a request for one and what to include in an agreement with parents.

Last reviewed on 22 March 2023
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  1. What is flexi-schooling?
  2. Parents should make a request in writing 
  3. Factors to consider when you receive a request
  4. Draw up an agreement together with parents 
  5. How to record attendance 
  6. How Ofsted will inspect flexi-school provision

What is flexi-schooling?

'Flexi-schooling' refers to a combination of school attendance and home education.

It's not the same as:

Parents should make a request in writing 

Parents can teach their children at home, either full-time or part-time. They should write to your headteacher before doing so. 

Your headteacher can refuse to allow part-time home education (i.e. flexi-schooling) but must accept requests for full-time home education.

Special schools: parents will need to get permission from the local authority (LA) before they can educate them at home.

Read more about this in government guidance on home education.

Factors to consider when you receive a request

Any existing safeguarding concerns you have  That you remain responsible for the attendance, progress and attainment of the pupil The reasons for