How to record physical interventions

It's good practice to log the use of reasonable force against pupils. Find guidance on how to do this, and see examples of template record sheets from schools and a local authority.

Last reviewed on 6 January 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. It's good practice to record it
  2. How to record incidents
  3. Examples of template records

It's good practice to record it

It's not a requirement for most schools, but you should still consider how best to record 'serious incidents' involving the use of force.

See the DfE's guidance on the use of reasonable force (see page 7). 

Requirements in residential schools

In boarding schools, you must keep a record of the use of reasonable force (see appendix B of the national minimum standards).

In residential special schools, you must clearly record the use of reasonable force within 24 hours of the incident (see standard 20.6 of the national minimum standards for residential special schools).

How to record incidents

How to write the report

Make the record as soon as possible after the event, and within 24 hours, setting out a 'full picture' of what happened.

If more than 1 member of staff was involved, they should create individual reports rather than collaborate on a single report.