Cost of school uniform: statutory guidance

Be clear what the DfE's statutory guidance on the cost of school uniform means for your school and what you need to do to comply.

Last reviewed on 19 October 2023
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  1. You must take cost into account
  2. Uniform policy requirements
  3. Make sure second-hand uniform is available
  4. Manage costs through effective procurement
  5. FAQs

You must comply with the DfE's statutory guidance on the cost of school uniforms.

If you're tied into a long-term contract with a uniform supplier, you should comply with the new guidance when your contract comes up for review.

See below for more detail on these steps.

You must take cost into account

When developing your uniform policy, make sure the cost of your school uniform is affordable. 

When considering costs, think about the total cost of all uniform or clothing items parents or carers will need to buy.

This includes:

  • PE kit
  • Specific clothing items for extra-curricular activities
  • Costs where parents/carers are likely to need to buy multiple of the same item (e.g. where pupils need spares, or are likely to grow out of an item quickly)

Frequent changes to your uniform policy, and how you can minimise the financial impact