How to build a positive mental health culture for pupils

Find advice on how to build a whole-school culture of positive pupil mental health and wellbeing into all aspects of school life.

Last reviewed on 3 January 2024
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  1. Start at the top
  2. Equip staff with the right skills 
  3. Promote wellbeing across school instead of treating it as standalone
  4. Get pupils involved
  5. Teach about mental health throughout the curriculum
  6. Consider the needs of specific pupils 
  7. Engage with parents and carers

Building a positive culture that supports pupils’ mental health and wellbeing is not something which can be done overnight. It will take time to implement the suggestions we’ve made in this article.

You also don’t have to use everything here. Pick and choose the tips and strategies you feel will best help your setting, or start from the beginning and gradually work your way down this list. 

Start at the top

Your whole-school approach to mental health needs to be firmly embedded in the leadership and governance of your school. To help achieve this, you could aim to have any or all of:

The DfE particularly encourages schools and