Supporting pupils during the Israel-Hamas war

Feel confident that you and your staff have the tools to support pupils during this difficult time. Get advice on how to handle conversations about the conflict in an age-appropriate way, and how to tackle racist and bullying incidents.

Last reviewed on 29 February 2024
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 48173
  1. Identify and support the pupils most affected
  2. Be a role model in your words and actions
  3. Help your pupils to manage what they’re seeing online
  4. Use these general tips for talking to pupils about the conflict
  5. Consider these additional age-appropriate tips, too
  6. Tackle racism and bullying if they arise

Identify and support the pupils most affected

The majority of your pupils are likely to find this subject matter worrying or upsetting. But certain pupils may feel particularly affected, including those who:

Make sure that all staff are aware of