Last reviewed on 1 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Collaborate with governors to develop a vision that represents where your school aspires to be. Turn your aspirations into reality by keeping your vision at the heart of every decision you make and bringing your community on board.

Your governors should lead on developing your vision 

Your governing board is responsible for developing your school's vision, but they'll need to involve you in the process. 


  • Makes sure that everyone responsible for the leadership of the school is on board with the vision
  • Gives everyone a chance to develop a bond
  • Increases the chance that the vision is realistic 
  • Helps distinguish school leaders' roles from governors' roles in achieving the vision
  • Makes sure different perspectives and angles are included in the process

Your board will need to organise a workshop to develop your vision. This tends to run for half a day and will ideally take place in the summer term, once exams and reports to parents are out of the way.

If your school subscribes to The Key for School Governors, point your governors to our resources on:

Once you're happy with your vision, you will