Whole-school pastoral action plans

Download our template for a whole-school pastoral action plan and a sample completed plan. You will also find examples of school approaches to planning for improving pastoral provision.

Last reviewed on 6 December 2022
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  1. Download our whole-school pastoral action plan
  2. Examples from schools

Download our whole-school pastoral action plan

KeyDoc: whole-school pastoral action plan template DOC, 181.0 KB

Example of a completed action plan 

Please note: the text in this document is sample text only. Adapt the template to meet the needs of your own school.

KeyDoc: sample whole-school pastoral action plan DOC, 187.0 KB

Our associate education expert, Lorraine Petersen, helped us to develop our template and example.

Examples from schools


Barncroft Primary School in Hampshire has a priority of improving pastoral provision in its school improvement plan (SIP).

It covers what impact the school expects to see by summer 2023, and it breaks down the priority into more detail about how the school will achieve it.

Find its SIP from their homepage by hovering over 'About' and selecting 'School Improvement Plan 22/23'.

Davyhulme Primary School in Manchester has a mental health and wellbeing action plan which details what actions the school will take and what measures it will introduce to support pupils.