Last reviewed on 3 October 2019
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Download our template for a whole-school pastoral action plan and a sample completed plan. You will also find examples of school approaches to planning for improving pastoral provision.

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We worked with one of our associate education experts, Lorraine Petersen, to produce a template for a whole-school pastoral action plan.

We also worked with Lorraine to create a completed version of the template. The text in this document is sample text only and the plan should be adapted to meet the needs of your own school.

Pastoral action plan

Caldew School, in Cumbria, has a summary of its school action plan on its website. 

The action plan includes strategies for improving pastoral support, such as:

  • Improving anti-bullying strategies
  • Supporting heads of year to ensure timely intervention in attendance issues
  • Developing pastoral strategies that link with the curriculum to help keep pupils healthy and safe

Download the action plan here.