Pupil premium: accessing the list of eligible pupils

Learn how to access the DfE's list of pupils eligible for the pupil premium, using the Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) service.

Last reviewed on 1 August 2023See updates
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  1. Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) has replaced Key to Success (KtS)
  2. Pupil premium data on GIAP
  3. How to access GIAP

This article is based on advice we've received from the DfE and guidance on the now-decommissioned Key to Success website. 

Get Information About Pupils (GIAP) has replaced Key to Success (KtS)

This happened as of 1 June 2023.

Key to Success has been decommissioned, so it's no longer available.

Instead, access GIAP through your DfE sign-in account.

Pupil premium data on GIAP

The DfE is continually adding pupil premium data to GIAP as part of its updates, and is uploading data back to 2006.

These datasets are available within the downloads from:

  • National Pupil Database (NPD) search results
  • Pupil Premium search results
  • Data Downloads

This is explained on the webpage about decommissioning KtS, in the section called 'Get information about pupils release version 2.0'.

If you're an existing KtS DfE Sign-in approver for your school You should already be assigned the GIAP service, as a 'GIAP Approver'. As a GIAP approver, you'll have: Administration-level access to GIAP Access to a