Contracts and conditions of employment for school staff

  • Conditions of service for school support staff
    Understand who's responsible for setting the conditions of service for school support staff in different types of schools and how pay arrangements are determined.
  • Conditions of service for teachers: the STPCD and the Burgundy Book
    Find out whether the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and Burgundy Book apply in your school and get an overview of the key requirements they cover.
  • Continuous service
    Find a definition of continuous service, and understand whether it applies to a staff member who is moving between a maintained school and an academy.
  • How to make changes to an employment contract
    Be clear on what you need to do to change an employment contract, such as consulting staff members and putting the agreed changes in writing. Get tips on what to do if staff don't agree with your proposals, and learn how to minimise the risk of a legal challenge.
  • How to respond to flexible working requests
    Learn how to confidently respond to any flexible working requests you receive. Download our request form to give to your staff, and understand what you need to do when you receive a request, and how you must make a decision.
  • Moving and sharing staff between schools in a MAT
    Get to grips with how to manage staff movement - whether it's sharing staff to plug recruitment gaps or creating flexible, cost-effective roles based across your schools.
    For Trust Leaders
  • Staff living on the school site
    Find practical advice on handling safeguarding and contract issues when you have staff living on your school site. Download our template risk assessment to manage safeguarding and stay Ofsted-compliant, also our checklist so you know who is responsible for what.