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  • Bringing outsourced provision in-house: TUPE What happens to staff when outsourced provision is brought in-house? We explain how the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) Regulations 2006 apply when a school brings a previously outsourced service in-house. We also relay advice from 2 of our associate experts.
  • Changing an employee's role and responsibilities Can an employee's role and responsibilities be changed? We outline advice from Acas and unions on changing the responsibilities of staff members, and dealing with situations where an employee does not agree to the change.
  • Conditions of service for school support staff Find out the conditions of service for school support staff and who’s responsible for setting conditions in different types of schools.
  • Conditions of service for teachers: the STPCD and the Burgundy Book What are the Burgundy Book and the STPCD, and how do they apply to schools? This article explains how different terms and conditions apply to different types of school, and looks at the difference between the Burgundy Book and the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).
  • Continuous service Find a definition of continuous service, and whether it applies to a staff member who's moved between maintained schools and academies.
  • Employment law and contracts: guides for school leaders What do school leaders need to know about employment law? Download our school leaders' guide to employment law for a concise overview of the key aspects that apply to school staff. This article also features a downloadable KeyDoc guide to contracts and the phrases used in connection with them.
  • Handling flexible working requests Learn how to confidently respond to any flexible working requests you receive. Find out about the application process, download our request form to give to your staff, and see what are reasonable grounds for refusing a request.
  • Midday supervision: are staff entitled to free lunches? Find guidance on whether to offer a free meal to staff on lunchtime duty.