Headteacher: performance objectives

Take a look at examples of performance objectives for a primary or secondary headteacher, for areas such as raising attainment and developing community cohesion.

Last reviewed on 23 March 2022
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  1. Raising attainment
  2. Consistency in teaching standards
  3. Consistency of policies and strategies
  4. School community cohesion
  5. New headteachers: you might have additional objectives
  6. Retiring headteachers: you might have an objective to help plan for the future

Below are some sample performance objectives for different areas of a primary headteacher’s work, along with success criteria, monitoring arrangements and evidence sources that could be used to evaluate progress for each. 

The objectives that are set for you as headteacher should be tailored to you, and to your school’s context.

Raising attainment


To develop, implement and monitor strategies aimed at raising attainment in maths at Key Stages (KS) 1 and 2.

Success criteria