Staff members: exit checklists

Download our checklists to be completed when a member of staff leaves your school. Find out what jobs need to be done by both the leaving staff member and by the school.

Last reviewed on 12 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Download our staff exit checklists
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Download our staff exit checklists

Download our checklists to make sure you've covered everything when a staff member leaves. They contain jobs for the leaving staff member to complete and jobs for the school to do. Use them together to cover all of the necessary staff exit tasks.

Download the checklists here:

Adapt the checklists to your needs

Use these checklists as templates and adapt them to the specific circumstances of the staff exit. Some tasks on the checklist won’t apply to every role in the school and you may need to delete or add steps as necessary.

In the case of staff dismissal or where a staff member has been asked not to work out their notice