Teaching and support staff roles

  • Intimate care: responsibility of school staff
    Schools must make reasonable adjustments for pupils who are not yet toilet trained, under the Equality Act 2010. Understand who should change nappies in school, how to work with parents and how to make sure staff are equipped to support these pupils.
  • Mandatory training for school staff
    Be clear on the areas your staff need training in and how often to update their training. Use our template to keep track of any training that staff members complete and when they need to renew it.
  • Requirements for PE teachers
    Unqualified teachers and support staff can lead PE lessons as long as other requirements are met. Read expert advice covering insurance, after-school clubs, and meeting staffing ratios.
  • Teaching assistants: role and responsibilities
    Understand the regulations around teaching assistant (TA) roles and responsibilities, including ‘specified work’, and learn about deploying TAs effectively using research from the DfE.