Leading practitioner: responsibilities and pay

Get an overview of the leading practitioner post, including the main responsibilities and how to set the individual pay range.

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  1. What is a leading practitioner?
  2. You determine their main responsibilities
  3. Setting pay for a leading practitioner post

What is a leading practitioner?

The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) defines a leading practitioner as a teacher who is in a post which has the primary purpose of modelling and leading improvement of teaching skills. 

This is outlined on page 22 of the STPCD. 

You determine their main responsibilities

The STPCD doesn't provide a list of specific responsibilities for leading practitioners.

It explains that leading practitioners: 

  • Have the same professional responsibilities and benefit from the same rights as all other teachers (excluding the headteacher)
  • May have additional responsibilities in their job descriptions

This is explained on page 46 of the STPCD linked above.

Look at the DfE's recommended responsibilities 

The DfE says the leading practitioner should:

  • Exhibit exemplary teaching skills
  • Lead the improvement of teaching skills in your school
  • Carry out the professional responsibilities of a teacher